Hearts of Gold Records is an independent record label focused on delivering timeless music whose history stretches back over 40 years.

Great Southern Production (GSP) was established during the summer of 1972 by John Ferguson and Bill Johnson, friends since Junior High School, for the purpose of promotion, production, licensing and publishing of music, distribution of recording masters, phonograph records, tapes, compact discs and other activities related to the music industry.

The label's first artist was James Pane, also known as James Taylor, singer, writer, producer, and a student at Jackson State University.  In 1975, he wrote, produced and performed “Christmas and You” and “Are You Ready” as singles .  In 1978, he added “Wishing You a Merry Christmas" to the GSP label.  In 1984, Kim Love became the second artist signed to The GSP label with three releases in the same year, “Stop You (Dead in Your Tracks)”, “Sweet Miracle” and “Can We Stop”, all written and produced by James Pane.

In 1984 James Pane (James Taylor) released the first album under the GSP banner, “No Way Out” .  GSP struggled financially after the release of the album and went out of business in 1990.  There was no activity from 1990 to 2006.  In 2006 Great Southern Productions (GSP) resurfaced as Hearts of Gold Music with a new attitude and a new brand of music written, produced and sung by James Pane (James Taylor) under the stage name of Taylor James.  It is a mixture of Old School, R&B, Hip-hop, Gospel and Pop.  Our artists are true musicians devoted to their craft and intent on creating songs that becomes part of the fabric of everyday life.  Our producers are innovative thinkers committed to creating a sound that is as unique as our listeners.  We deliver hits!

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