Taylor James



Taylor James, a UPS truck driver, born James Albert Taylor in Vicksburg, Mississippi is an American contemporary artist that blends elements of R&B/soul, gospel, hip hop and pop.

Influenced by Quincy Jones, James Brown and the Motown Sound, Taylor's love affairs with music began as a freshman in high school when he joined the high school band as a percussionist.  At seventeen, he began writing, arranging, recording and producing music  as a music major at Jackson State University.  He became the drummer and a lead vocalist for the band Wynd Chymes while at the University.  With that group he toured regionally in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia.

His first two singles "Christmas and You" and "Are You Ready" were penned in 1975 and recorded on the Great Southern Productions (GSP) label.  From 1976 to 1990, he wrote, arrange and produce for other artists on the GSP label including Kim Love and Larry Walker.  In 1990, he set-up his recording studio and recorded and produced blues artist, Willie Clayton and Bobby Rush and gospel groups including the Williams Brother and the Canton Spirituals.

Taylor recorded and released his first album "No Way Out" on the GSP label in 1984.  Other releases on the Hearts of Gold Music label include "A Taylor-Made Christmas "-EP in 2006, "Good News" and "Olde School"-EP in 2013,"Say Its Me/Living For You" in 214 and "This Time" in 2016.  He is currently in the studio working on several single and album that is being produced by Patrick "Guitarboy" Hayes, formerly guitarist for R. Kelly.  The project is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2016.